Shree Mangal Projects

The credentials that inspire us to build milestones

SMP - The Legacy of 13 Years

we have spent to painstakingly build a brand that reflects trust

More than 13 years, we have spent to painstakingly build a brand that reflects trust. More than 80 lakh square feet, we have constructed to elevate the skyline of Pune. And more than 8000 happy families exemplify our philosophy of total customer delight. Collectively these inspiring statistics have carved something in solid concrete. People say it’s our legacy. We consider it as a foundation upon which we are committed to build an empire of a smiling future! More than pride our legacy is an eternal source of inspiration for us…

Vision, planning and implementation over the last 13 years have been the building blocks of the SMP Realty Group. The underlying corporate values of reliability, strength, vision for a better future and the building of long lasting relationships with partners, associates and clients has been a constant through every project undertaken.

Currently SMP has real estate projects spanning a total of 80 lakh sq.ft, 10 lakh sq. ft under development and emerging stronger day-by-day with new ventures, projects and achievements.